João Dicker 

Creative Copywriter

Belo Horizonte / Brazil
+55 (31) 98841-9613

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Metropolita | Copywriter

ZINT | Founder & Editor

Rana Express | Content Manager


at PUC Minas

Design Exponencial
at UniBH

at AIC by Thiago Fogaça

Screenwriting for Cinema, TV and Games
at EBAC by Julio de Santi

Movement and Mise-en-scene
at Ateliê Bucareste by Alziro Barbosa Screenwriting
at Escola Livre de Cinema

History of Cinema
at Escola Livre de Cinema

The Art of Film
by Pablo Villaça

Theory, Language and Critics
by Pablo Villaça

Film Reviews Intensive Course
by Arthur Tuoto

English Course
at Hampstead School of English

A copywriter that finds it difficult to write about himself. Isn’t that hilarious?

You just found the best “jewish-tennis-player-chef-football lover-of-Brazil”. How lucky are you???

Ever wondered what an interview with me would be like? Let’s find out:

Where am I from?

The capital of “pão de queijo and broa”: Belo Horizonte, Brazil (if you never tried a broa, your life is miserable). I grew up in a house with a chef father and a psychoanalyst mother who nurtured the love for art and culture, so yeah, I do love a good book, an interesting film and an endearing music album.

Who am I?

Ok, that’s deep…If you blend Ted Lasso, Jim from the american The Office, Remy from Ratatouille, Paul from Armageddon Time, The Red Light Bandit, a golden retriever, Gay Talese, a mug of strong black coffee, one cup of Penicillin cocktail, a fork of Carbonara and a pinch of salt…thaaaaan that’s me.

What do I like?

Cinema, football (I will never call it soccer), cooking, traveling, tennis, reading books on parks, observing the crowded life movement on the streets and learning non-important curiosities such as the length of the Wall of China being bigger than Earth’s diameter.

Where can somebody talk to me?

At my room, but if you want to reach me type +55 31 988419613 or email me at But clicking here is the easiest way to talk to a lovable and interesting brazilian creative writer.

Come back anytime and reach me whenever you want (I might be watching a movie or at the tennis court but I’ll answer asap!)

© Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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